"The Best Way to Observe a Fish is to Become a Fish.”

Jacques Cousteau

Let’s go Diving

“Dive Trip”

The two best words in the world!

When I started diving almost twenty years ago, I couldn’t wait for my next dive trip.  A true adventure with like-minded thrill-seekers to experience a new dive destination and explore down deep. 

Eventually, with an underwater camera in hand.

The Cozumel Collection Shop

Started simply as a way to organize the sales of my annual Cozumel wall calendar, the site now features a (hopefully) growing number of items designed from my own underwater pictures, and a love of Cozumel’s awesome dive sites.

Currently, the shop focuses on the “Cozumel Collection,” as I live and dive on Cozumel year-round. But as things continue, I hope to add items that will feature imagery from other dive destinations I love, like Palau, the GBR, Cuba, and…my next DiveTrip.

A Little Background

In my late 40s I decided to really do it…

I took a step back from the successful career, sold the cool apartment, and said ‘so long’ to NYC for a while.  

The intention was to set off on my own, travel around to some new exotic places, and scuba dive at some of the more endangered coral reef spots on my “bucket list.” I’d reenergize myself, report my findings, and likely get right back on the wheel.

I figured I’d spend about one year…

Well, that turned out to be a rather…extended Dive Trip.

Six+ years, a PADI Divemaster certification internship on some busy dive boats in Cozumel, and well over a thousand dives later, I’m still at it – diving as much as I can get away with and working hard at improving my underwater pictures along the way.

Join In

Please check out the Store while you’re here, and then head over to our sister site, www.cozinfo.com for loads of articles on Cozumel diving, things to do, visitor information, restaurant reviews, a monthly newsletter sign-up, and more. 

Let’s go diving!